Are you tired of watching everyone else snuggle in on a Friday night with their love while you’re left wondering what’s wrong with you that you can’t find true love? You continually  force yourself to slip on your hottest pair of heels and tightest jeans to hit the bar scene in hopes that fate will have the love of your life show up there too.


You’re done with attracting emotionally unavailable men and wasting time swiping right and left, only to end up with another dead end booty call.

You’re ready to find your dream love and giggle like a school-girl again, get butterflies in your stomach, walk hand in hand, and get lost in each other’s eyes.

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Nicole Amaturo is a master personal growth and love coach. She is featured on Worthy.com as a blogging contributor, writing about love, relationships, divorce, and personal growth. When Nicole was divorced over 3 years ago, she made a vow to herself to become her dream love so that she could attract her dream love. She wasn’t looking for an ordinary love this next time around and wasn’t interested in her partner completing her.  

With this, she knew she had to have some real talk with herSelf if she was going to become whole on her own. This is when life changed for Nicole. She began to understand patterns keeping her stuck, got to know herSelf for the first time in 35 years, and really fell in love with herSelf, before she expected another to.

She healed and changed her story to create the love and life she once dreamed of. Now, she’s sharing her tried and true techniques, helping women all over the world do the same.

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