Today people from all over the world come to me when they have finally had enough of their own shit and are ready to heal. When they’re ready to finally create the love & life they so desire and deserve. My clients feel safe to be themselves with me. They feel safe to not be perfect. I share with my clients my raw and vulnerable truth with them, which allows them to relate to me. I share my heart with them. I share my insecurities because there was a time when I was exactly where they are. I don’t teach anything that I haven’t experienced myself. The work that I teach is what led me to my love and life of my dreams that I have today.


I was divorced at the age of 35 after being married for 16 years. I had 3 beautiful children, a beautiful new dream house, my dream SUV in the driveway and my dream career as a 6th grade Language Arts teacher. I seemingly HAD. IT. ALL. On the outside, it was what I dreamt of having since I was a little girl, but I couldn’t wait to run from all of it. I couldn’t wait to run from the anxiety and uneasiness that came along with all of it. But, I was so scared of being alone. I doubted my own self. I doubted if I could make it on my own. I didn’t quite trust myself. Until one day I realized I had already been alone in my marriage for years and was already supporting myself emotionally for years. I decided I’d rather work on myself and get to a place where I would be alone, single, and happy rather than lonely, married, and miserable.