Do you truly believe he is out there? Do you believe your perfect partner actually exists? This is the first step in attracting him. If you’re not sure, look at your outside world. What are you attracting? If you’re attracting less than you desire and deserve, then I’d venture to say you don’t believe the man that you want actually exists. If you feel hopeless more often than not, you don’t truly believe he is real. So now what?


We create our love lives through the energy of our thoughts and beliefs. If we continually tell ourselves there are no good guys left or there are no good guys where we live, then we will continually have this belief validated in dates that go nowhere, dead-end booty calls, or just hearing cricket after cricket. If we are conflicted with what we want, then we will send a mixed signal out into the Universe and we will receive mixed signals in the guys we attract and date.

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When I was going through my divorce, it felt like the worst thing in the world. The gut-wrenching pain that I experienced in the beginning was nothing I would wish on anyone. The days calling out of work to just sit and cry uncontrollably all day felt like pure agony. I never thought it would end. I didn’t know how I could just get over losing my little family that I had created. I worried if my kids would be ok and if I was doing the right thing. I worried about my ex and if he would be ok. I knew deep down this wasn’t where I was meant to be anymore but the fear of letting go was consuming me. I didn’t know where else to turn but to my faith. My faith in knowing that it had no choice but to work out for everyone’s highest good and that we would all be ok. Eventually, I was able to move on.

Shortly after the divorce was finalized, I began dating. I found myself attracting all the wrong guys. I knew I deserved more but couldn’t understand why I was attracting the opposite. Guys that I found myself chasing rather than allowing them to chase me. Guys that were giving me way less than I deserved. I found myself settling for less than mediocre at best. This is when I began to search for answers. Clearly, I was taking me everywhere I went so I needed to understand what was going on deep inside me that would allow me to settle like this. I knew I needed to work on self-love.

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“You owe yourself the love you so freely give to other people”. This reminder is one of our favorites to share on Instagram, and it always makes us feel amazing when you show us how much you love it too. You’ve also let us know that you want to hear stories from women who were the ones to make the decision to end their marriage. That’s why we’re doing this episode about how it’s okay to want a divorce.

Nicole Amaturo is here to talk about how this was a part of her own life, and to share how she became a Personal Growth and Love coach to help other women realize this as well. This episode is really about being able to love yourself, to forgive yourself for wanting your best life possible, and celebrating how liberating self-love can be.

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We wanted to open this episode with this quote because Nicole Amaturo always does such a beautiful job of showing us how embracing every part of us leads to a fuller and happier life. You might remember Nicole from a few weeks ago. We were so glad to see you guys loved what she had to say as much as we do so we had her back on as soon as we could. Nicole talked about how leaving her ex husband was reflected back to her by her kids as her modeling the positive behavior of self-love…and that’s what this episode is all about.

Self-love is so important as you heal, and Nicole explains why it’s so necessary if you want to reach that thriving status you keep reading about on social media. You’ll be able to find Nicole in our Facebook group, or at and work with her one on one on helping to create the love you deserve in your life.

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I get it! You miss him. You miss your routine. You miss feeling significant. You miss feeling like you had someone. You second guess yourSelf. You feel alone. Scared. Lonely. But, today is the day that you begin to heal from all of it and begin to truly move on. You made the decision or someone else made it for you. Either way, there’s no looking back. This has been done for you even if you can’t understand why or how right now. I can guarantee that when you begin to accept where you are, instead of resisting it, and begin to focus on the positives of your situation, the Universe will conspire and give you lots more to be grateful for. Where your attention goes, energy flows.

Sometimes relationships aren’t meant to be forever. Sometimes they’re meant to come into your life to teach you what you need to learn in order to heal and grow. The more you hold onto what’s already dead, the more you are blocking what IS meant for you. The moment you let go, you free yourSelf. You choose to no longer allow yourSelf to suffer in pain. When you honor yourSelf and your life purpose, you begin to let go, accept, stay open to all the possibilities, and love yourSelf unconditionally with compassion.


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Love. It’s paradoxical. We want it so bad but then when we get it, we’re scared of it and don’t know what to do with it. We yearn for a perfect partner but we often fail to become the perfect partner to ourSelves first, which leaves us empty and unfulfilled. So, we file for a divorce or break-up and continue the pattern in another relationship. We look for others to complete us instead of completing ourSelves. This reminds me of the famous line in the movie Jerry Maguire, when Renee Zellweger states, “You complete Me” in her I’ve been broken in love so many timesvoice. My goal after my divorce was to not have anyone complete me. It was to learn how to complete mySelf.

When we walk around looking for others to make us happy and fill our voids, we become unfulfilled and attached. We become attached to the idea of love and having a partner for what they can do for us to make us happy, rather than genuinely loving our partners. Instead we love them for what they can offer us, or for how they love us. When we look for others to complete us, we suffocate our partners in an unhealthy attachment. We want them to make us feel pretty. Make us feel worthy. Make us feel significant. Entertain us. Provide for us. Make us happy. All this ends up doing is eventually making us miserable. One day though, we realize that in order for authentic happiness to take place, it must first begin within. This is what I call a F.L.Y. Girl. A First Love YourSelf Girl. 


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We have been trained to believe that we must work hard to get where we want in life and business, right? We have to make things happen. We have to hustle. Flow? What the hell is that?

At the age of 7, I used to cry and struggle with schoolwork. I would instantly go into a panic thinking I couldn’t do it before I even got started. I was always filled with such anxiety as a kid over school and life in general. My sister was 14 months older and things came easy for her in school. She would get straight A’s without really working hard. As a little girl, I was super influenced by that unconsciously. So, when it came time for me to do homework or study, I instantly felt that I wasn’t good enough and panicked. In order to comfort me, I was told that I was super smart but I just had to work harder for it than my sister did. Ah-ha! And that’s the moment that shaped much of my life. I got the message that in order to get what I want, I must work HARDER for it than other people. I needed to struggle. My little girl self took that message and ran with it and I was operating off of it in my adult life.

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If I told you that financial abundance is your birthright, but you are getting in your own way of it, would you believe me? Do you truly think that anyone is better than you and deserves financial wealth more than you? Why would one person have the luxury of all their heart’s desires, while another struggles each month to pay their bills and put a roof over their head? It’s not fair, right? Is it because one person works harder than the other? Or they just got luckier? Or could it possibly be that your thoughts and beliefs are creating your world unconsciously and you have no clue just how powerful you truly are as a creator of your physical reality? I’m here to tell you it’s the latter. Stay with me here and listen to what I have to say.
We are all born equal. We are all magnificent human beings with the capability to create every single one of our heart’s desires. The reason you have a desire is to let you know that it’s something you want and it was meant to be yours. Even when you have what you don’t want, it is a blessing of contrast to show what it is that you do want. If one of your desires is to be wealthy in the form of money, well then you can be damn sure that it is possible no matter where your starting point is right now, but first you have to begin to examine your thoughts.


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For most of my life, I struggled with the idea of perfectionism. From my looks, to my body, my GPA, and my business, nothing was ever good enough. It came from a place of me never feeling good enough. I strived for perfection so much so that I would end up sabotaging myself inadvertently. I used perfection as my clutch, my safety net. If I wasn’t perfect at something automatically, I just wouldn’t do it. If I couldn’t make a perfect decision, I just wouldn’t make one.

I put off so many things in my life out of fear of not making the right decision. Even when it came to my divorce I procrastinated and made sure I tried every last thing even when I knew it was dead for years, just so that I could make the perfect decision. Then, when I finally filed for a divorce, I even made sure we used a mediator and were friendly to each other to make it the most loving and agreeable divorce in history. When I was younger, I had friends tell me that they didn’t want to do bad things in front of me because they didn’t want to let me down because I was such a good girl.


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Out with the old, in with the renew! Spring has sprung which means it’s time for new growth and renewing our energy in order to bloom into what we’ve prepared for all winter. Many may have noticed these past few weeks may have brought up some intense emotions. When this happens, we know that we are in the process of leveling up and shifting our energy to prepare for our desires becoming reality.

Our bodies and souls are in sync with the seasons and are blooming right along with the trees and flowers. Think about how much energy a transformation must require. I always think of a cocoon turning into a beautiful butterfly. We must renew our energy each night in order to neutralize it back to a harmonious state that will serve us. We absorb people’s energy each day; with each interaction energy is being exchanged, good or bad. Everything and everyone has their own energy vibration. High vibrational energy is positive while low vibrational energy is negative. Make it your goal to raise your vibration each day in order to grow, transform, heal and create your wildest desires.


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