Do you truly believe he is out there? Do you believe your perfect partner actually exists? This is the first step in attracting him. If you’re not sure, look at your outside world. What are you attracting? If you’re attracting less than you desire and deserve, then I’d venture to say you don’t believe the man that you want actually exists. If you feel hopeless more often than not, you don’t truly believe he is real. So now what?


We create our love lives through the energy of our thoughts and beliefs. If we continually tell ourselves there are no good guys left or there are no good guys where we live, then we will continually have this belief validated in dates that go nowhere, dead-end booty calls, or just hearing cricket after cricket. If we are conflicted with what we want, then we will send a mixed signal out into the Universe and we will receive mixed signals in the guys we attract and date.

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Nicole Amaturo