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Being divorced leaves us feeling shaky, ungrounded, and questioning everything we thought we ever knew to be true. We’re thrown into the world of dating after years of being solely with one person leaving us feeling like a fish out of water. It’s both fun and scary as hell in the beginning. Dealing with feelings of insecurities coming out that you forgot you even had after feeling safe with one person all those years. I dated a few men until I found my partner today. And when I say “dated”, I use that term loosely. By definition in today’s world, it could’ve also easily been said it was a “friends with benefits” or a “hook up”.


During this whole journey of dating all the wrong men, it ultimately led me into the arms of my dream love though. I began to get tired of my own bull sh*t, attracting men that were way less than I deserved. So, I began seeing my spiritual teacher each and every week to find out what was going on within me that allowed me to attract these men. In this weekly journey, I began to learn about manifestation and the laws of the universe, one being the law of attraction. I began to learn that I could actually manifest and create the love I was so looking for. This allowed me to explore a journey of self-love when I learned that we attract what we are and what we think we deserve, rather than what we want.

Nicole Amaturo