Complacency is the death of all your dreams. Most people would rather settle for a life that they know than risk it to go after a life they truly want. Comfortable is safe. The unknown creates fear. Fear keeps you stuck. I stayed married about 5 years longer than I wanted to because it was safe. I knew what to expect every day even if it wasn’t what I actually wanted. I stayed at work as a teacher before pursuing my coaching business about a year too long out of fear of the unknown. I had a steady paycheck, a pension, and benefits. It was safe. Take a minute right now to ask yourself what you would do and where you would be if there was no such thing as fear.

The answer is who you were truly meant to be. This is where your life was meant to go. Anything done out of fear is not authentic to yourself and your true purpose. Life is meant to be lived and explored. It wasn’t meant for you to sit on your couch day in and day out. It wasn’t meant for you to scroll through social media comparing yourself to everyone and wishing you were doing what they’re doing. It wasn’t meant to wait and wait. You have one life to live in your exact shoes and live out your true desire and purpose. Are you truly living it? Like the famous line in the movie Braveheart states, “Every man dies but not every man truly lives.”

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