If I told you that financial abundance is your birthright, but you are getting in your own way of it, would you believe me? Do you truly think that anyone is better than you and deserves financial wealth more than you? Why would one person have the luxury of all their heart’s desires, while another struggles each month to pay their bills and put a roof over their head? It’s not fair, right? Is it because one person works harder than the other? Or they just got luckier? Or could it possibly be that your thoughts and beliefs are creating your world unconsciously and you have no clue just how powerful you truly are as a creator of your physical reality? I’m here to tell you it’s the latter. Stay with me here and listen to what I have to say.
We are all born equal. We are all magnificent human beings with the capability to create every single one of our heart’s desires. The reason you have a desire is to let you know that it’s something you want and it was meant to be yours. Even when you have what you don’t want, it is a blessing of contrast to show what it is that you do want. If one of your desires is to be wealthy in the form of money, well then you can be damn sure that it is possible no matter where your starting point is right now, but first you have to begin to examine your thoughts.


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Nicole Amaturo