I get it! You miss him. You miss your routine. You miss feeling significant. You miss feeling like you had someone. You second guess yourSelf. You feel alone. Scared. Lonely. But, today is the day that you begin to heal from all of it and begin to truly move on. You made the decision or someone else made it for you. Either way, there’s no looking back. This has been done for you even if you can’t understand why or how right now. I can guarantee that when you begin to accept where you are, instead of resisting it, and begin to focus on the positives of your situation, the Universe will conspire and give you lots more to be grateful for. Where your attention goes, energy flows.

Sometimes relationships aren’t meant to be forever. Sometimes they’re meant to come into your life to teach you what you need to learn in order to heal and grow. The more you hold onto what’s already dead, the more you are blocking what IS meant for you. The moment you let go, you free yourSelf. You choose to no longer allow yourSelf to suffer in pain. When you honor yourSelf and your life purpose, you begin to let go, accept, stay open to all the possibilities, and love yourSelf unconditionally with compassion.

Nicole Amaturo