Out with the old, in with the renew! Spring has sprung which means it’s time for new growth and renewing our energy in order to bloom into what we’ve prepared for all winter. Many may have noticed these past few weeks may have brought up some intense emotions. When this happens, we know that we are in the process of leveling up and shifting our energy to prepare for our desires becoming reality.

Our bodies and souls are in sync with the seasons and are blooming right along with the trees and flowers. Think about how much energy a transformation must require. I always think of a cocoon turning into a beautiful butterfly. We must renew our energy each night in order to neutralize it back to a harmonious state that will serve us. We absorb people’s energy each day; with each interaction energy is being exchanged, good or bad. Everything and everyone has their own energy vibration. High vibrational energy is positive while low vibrational energy is negative. Make it your goal to raise your vibration each day in order to grow, transform, heal and create your wildest desires.


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