A Manifesting Story You’ll Love

As many of you know, I was lucky enough to birth our beautiful baby boy last October. I can not believe a whole year flew by, as he now waves hi, does kisses, gives hugs, claps hands and smiles all. day. long.

When I got divorced, I always knew another baby boy was meant to be mine. It was just something “I knew” without explanation. Then, about 3 different psychics also told me, which just reassured me of my own truth. He also came to me in a dream that felt so incredibly real before I was even dating Gary. So, when I met Gary and we decided on having one more little human to add to my already 3 amazing humans, it was no surprise.

Within a couple of months of dating Gary, we began to call in our little man in without intention. We were just having fun talking about it as we picked out his name randomly sitting by the inlet after breakfast one morning.

The idea of him suddenly became “Nolan”.

Then, as the days went on in our dating relationship, we continuously referred to him by name when we’d talk about him to each other. He already began to have an identity to the both of us. He became “real”.

We would go to the mall and pass the stroller section in Nordstrom (a department store here in the US), and Gary would wheel the stroller around and we would get excited and giggle for the moment when he’d finally be ours in “real” life.

When I would lay in bed at night with Gary’s arms around me spooning, I would picture when our little man would be in my belly and Gary would be holding my belly with Nolan in it, instead of just me.

And sure enough, on Feb. 14th, 2018, we found out we were pregnant.

We knew the baby was a “he”. We knew it was our Nolan finally coming to us.

This was manifestation at its best.

We had a desire.

We let go of the outcome and timeline.

We didn’t necessarily “try” to do anything.

It was very much a “when it happens, it happens” energy.

There was zero pressure around it.

We believed with certainty that it he was meant to be ours and it would only be a matter of when.

And in the meantime, we dreamt of him. We felt that feelings that it would be like to have him. And had SO MUCH FUN in the process.

FUN speeds up Manifestation because it’s the best feel-good feeling! Think about when you belly laugh so hard. How GOOD does that feel? This feeling creates momentum for manifestation.

So, as we celebrate the birth of little Mr. Nolan Parker this week on Friday, October 4th, let us also use his story as a beacon of light for believing in what you desire and how it is meant to be yours.

What you desire is your desire, and only yours, for a reason.

Nolan was meant to be our little boy. We had a desire for him. He was already ours.

We didn’t allow anything to get in that way of believing in that desire. I was 39 when I got pregnant. And I got pregnant easily. If I listened to mass media, I could’ve let them taint my mind that I was too old and it would be difficult. But, I just continued to believe that I was as fertile as I was in my 20’s.

We didn’t “need” it to happen. In needing things to happen, we actually suffocate our desire with the frantic energy. We just had fun with the idea and continued to do life and experience pleasure in all forms.

We often acted like he was already here. We spoke about him as if he already existed. We planned a life around him being a part of it. We “pretended” and did things that were fun to feel like he was already here.

As little people, we pretended with zero resistance all of the time, right? Because we were innocent and nothing tainted our little minds yet. This is the BEST way to manifest. Pretend. Feel the feelings of what you desire and just have fun with it.

And finally we surrendered. We let it go. We weren’t on a timeframe. We didn’t “need” it to happen right now. We allowed God/Universe to send him to us in the right timing, believing the whole time he was going to be ours.  

And we did this is without realizing we were manifesting. It was all SO natural. Nothing was forced. Which means there was NO RESISTANCE.

And Bam! Just like that...the “idea” of Nolan became real as he was birthed into the world in physical form.

Do you see the correlation? Every desire just starts out as an “idea”. And then as humans, we get to experience “ideas” in physical form.

It’s super freakin cool!

So, no matter what you are manifesting right now, whether it be love, financial wealth, friendships, a new home or car, allow yourself right now in this moment to believe it was meant to be yours, otherwise you wouldn’t have a desire for this. And then once you finally believe it is yours, have fun with it.

Pretend and do things as if it was already here. Go test drive that car. Look at model homes or open houses. Talk to your love at night before you go to bed and feel his strong arms around you. Jump up and down because a huge deposit just came into your account.

And now, release the pressure and timing of “when”. Surrender the outcome over to your angels. Because it is already yours.

If God came down and told you that what you want is already yours, but your job was to have fun and not worry until it came, wouldn’t you believe God? Have that same faith now as you patiently await for your desires to come into “real” life!

So, let’s all allow little Mr. Nolan Parker’s story to be our hope. Our light. Our guide. In knowing that just in our desire for something, it was meant to be ours.

Happy 1 year birthday our beautiful little boy.

Thank you all for sharing and being a part of my world and allowing me into yours.

Remember to believe in the beauty of your dreams for they were meant to be yours.

Nicole Amaturo