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Heal In 21

in this evergreen digital self-paced course, you will receive 21 Days of activities to heal after a heartbreak or divorce along with 25 training videos to accompany each day, 5 meditations, a 2 hour masterclass and my “Power of 7” Vision Board & Visualization e-book. I took everything I did to heal after my heartbreak to become my best self and attract my perfect partner into my life and created this course just for you. You will gain immediate access as soon as you purchase.

LOVe in 21

This self-paced digital course is yours forever! This is for the woman who is ready to manifest love into her life. This course includes 21 days of activities to do each day to become a magnet for your perfect partner. You will have a ton of FUN with this course as you begin to feel like he is already here!

Included in this course is the 21 day printable journal & e-book , 5 detailed training videos that’ll change your life along with a powerful “I Am Open to Receive Love” daily meditation.

*If you haven’t done any healing work, I highly recommend doing “Heal in 21” first and then “Love in 21” for max results.

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