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The #1 Course FOR ManifestING LOVE Through Self-Love.

Take Your Love Life From Netflix & Chill to Amazon Prime & Commitment. 

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Tired of attracting emotionally unavailable men? #nomorescrubs

 Done finally thinking you found the one, only to find yourself back at square one?

 Tired of swiping to find love only to end up with the 2am text saying, "come over”?

 Convinced there are no good ones left, it’s too late, & love wasn’t meant for you?

♡ Feeling like there is something wrong with you that nobody wants to commit to you? 

♥ What if I told you that the love you are dreaming of is looking for you too, but YOU are getting in your own way?

♥ What if the only person to call you “BABE” was the one person excited to come home to you each day?

♥ What if your relationship actually consisted of the real deal Netflix & CHILL- ordering in on a Friday night and cuddling with your honey?

♥ What if you could find a man who was excited to take on life as a team and journey together?

What if toasting champagne on your wedding day isn’t as far away as you think?

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Hi!! I’m Nicole Amaturo, known to many as Nikki! I am your personal growth and love coach. I help women become their dream love to attract their dream love. When I got divorced 3 years ago, #endoftheroad, I knew that I needed to learn how to enjoy my own company if I was gonna expect someone else to.

This is when I made a promise to myself to work on me so that I could attract the love I so desired and knew I deserved. I knew shit was about to get real! I knew I needed to fall in love with mySelf and become my dream love before I found my dream love and that was far away from where I was at the time.

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I felt alone, scared, anxious, yet determined and excited all at the same time. It was the first time I was alone in 16 years and had to learn how to be alone without being lonely.

I had to get to a place where I didn’t panic when my kids left for the weekend.

I had to get to a place where I didn't feel the need to go to a friend of a friend's friend’s birthday party just so I didn't have to be alone.

But in the meantime, I found myself hitting bars and clubs and dating for the first time since I was 19 in the 90’s. Life and dating was different to say the least in my current reality.

There was nothing #crazysexycool about the guys I was attracting.

It would start out fun and then I would always be left with the same overarching theme...“wtf”!

How the hell was I attracting guys that should be worshiping me but yet I end up chasing them?!

How the hell did I end up here? How did I go from car pooling and PTA meetings to throwing napkins and jumping up and down when the beat drops? 


In the blink of an eye it felt like life drastically changed. My kids were forced to grow up sooner than expected while their mom was exploring herself and really getting to know who she was for the first time in 35 years. 

There were lots of fun times for all of us and lots of not-so-fun times, but my goal of finding true love and teaching my kids never to settle for anything or anyone less than they deserve, kept me going full steam ahead. 

I relied on my faith in knowing that just in my desire for love meant that it was indeed meant to be mine.

I put all my trust in a higher power and allowed faith to be my guide.

Somehow I knew that everything would work out for my highest good even if I couldn’t see how. Each day I continued to just take action towards the general direction of my dreams.

As I was creating dating profiles and trying to sell myself to be loved, I continued to swipe right and mostly left. When a decent guy did come around, I’d just push him right into the friend zone.

It started to become a never-ending self-defeating cycle.I became the girl I hated.

The one who would turn her phone over when waiting for a guy to text her back just so I wouldn't panic at the mere possibility that he didn't text me back.

If the phone was not visible, then I wouldn't know if I was being rejected. I played mind games with myself on a daily basis.

I was the girl who waited around for guys to text her back to follow through with plans and it frustrated the shit out of me.

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My inner most insecurities came to the surface and at times I couldn’t even stand myself. I wanted to run away. I wanted to distract myself from myself and the pain.

Not feeling good enough. Being abandoned. Not feeling worthy.

I tried to convince myself that I didn’t really want a relationship anyway.

I told myself I wasn't ready.

I pretended I was the “cool” chick that was ok with being an option.

I started to become cynical. I became colder and more stand-offish in dating.

My exterior was thickening by the minute! Was this really me? How do I let down my walls? Is it even possible for me to allow someone in? Somebody pinch me, please.

Dating started to become exhausting and far from fun. I was such a strong, confident women but yet so weak all in the same.


I started to find new meaning my favorite Robin S song, Show Me Love.


"Heart Breaks and promises, I've had more than my share. What I really need is somebody who really cares."


That 90’s song was on point for my life now in my 30’s.

I was the mom who would never allow my daughter to cancel her plans for a dumb ass guy that clearly wasn’t making her a priority.

Why the hell was it ok for me to accept second best? #twisted 

I wasn't cool with it anymore and I knew I had lots of work to do on me if my outside world had the slightest option of changing.  

This is when my life truly transformed.

- I got super serious about my end goal of finding my happily-ever-after.

- I stopped waiting and hoping tomorrow I'd feel better.

- I stopped waiting for someone to come rescue me to make me feel whole.

 I stopped resisting change.

- I stopped finding excuses.

- I stopped waiting for a miracle the day I realized I already possessed the miracle inside mySelf all along.

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* I started working with my spiritual life coach.

* I went back to school for my Master’s in Holistic Health.

* I attended personal development workshops and seminars all by myself.

* I invested in mySelf and sent the message to the Universe that I meant business.

Before I did all of this, I first had to get to the point that I had enough.

* I took risks and the Universe met me more than just half way. 

* I traveled across the world solo. I forced myself to grow outside my comfort zone.

* I took myself on dates and really started to understand what it meant to F.L.Y. 

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✔️ These times were my miracle moments. It wasn't until I worked on all of this within myself that I just so happened to "stumble" into my dream love that I have today!

✔️ Now, I am ready to teach you my own tried and true strategy to begin changing your reality starting now to create your own real love. There’s no need to stay frustrated and stuck when you know I can help.

✔️ Once you uncover your own blocks, the funwork begins to reverse them so you can attract your perfect match.

✔️ If you have a desire for love, then you can rest assured that it was truly meant for you. #nodiggity

✔️ Instead of waiting for that special someone to come in and rescue you so that you can be happy, you have the power to rescue yourself and I'm ready to show you how.

✔️ Nobody has to complete you when you complete you! #booya

✔️ I started to understand emotions were my messengers and relationships were my biggest teachers.

✔️ I finally got what everyone meant when they said, “Good Vibes Only.” I understood vibration and energy and saw that what I was putting out into the world is what I had created.

✔️ I was able to release blame and resentment. I started to feel powerful even if at one time I felt so powerless. #ibelieveicanfly

✔️ I journaled. I meditated. I wrote affirmations. I reconnected with my inner little lady and understood what she needed.

✔️ I took risks. I make decisions from a place of love rather than fear. I healed. I committed. I showed up for mySelf by First Loving Myself.

✔️ And I can say I successfully did it! I CREATED that real 90’s R&B Love that I so craved and knew I deserved. #reallove

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You could spend your Friday nights spooning with your partner’s strong arms wrapped around you and wake up to his warm smiley eyes saying, “Morning babe!”

Your best friend is also your lover. You giggle and make each other belly laugh at absolutely nothing and then before you know it, you're skin on skin.

You could look at him without saying a word, snuggle in his arms, and get pleasantly surprised with a forehead kiss and know that you're finally home

You could throw on his oversized sweatshirt after a long day just to be comforted by the scent of his cologne.

Your mind gets undressed with deep, rich talks about love, life, childhood, family, dreams, feelings, past, present, and future. #freakme




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                      ONE TIME FEE OF $555.00

                      ONE TIME FEE OF $555.00

                $185.00 per month for 3 Months                                     (3 PAYMENTS)

                $185.00 per month for 3 Months

                                (3 PAYMENTS)

Week 1: Become an Energetic Match for Your Perfect Match

Learn all about vibration and energy. Understand how you have created your present reality with your thoughts and beliefs. Realize the potential and power you have to create the dream love you so desire by raising your vibration.

Week 2: Open Your Heart Up To Love

Release blame and resentment and establish a connection to your Higher Self. Practice forgiveness. Return to love instead of fear. Allow FAITH to be your guide.

Week 3: Become the CEO of Your Life Again

Become reacquainted with your inner little lady. Understand relationships are mirrors for what is going on deep within. Learn what they are telling you to create a new story around love.

Week 4: Unleash Your Authentic Self

Identify unconscious patterns in past relationships to unleash your truest YOU. Understand emotions are your messengers and unleash the hidden messages in order to release these love blocks once and for all.

Week 5: Become Your Own Best Friend

Learn what it means to truly love yourSelf and own your own worth. Learn how to be alone without being lonely. Become your dream love to attract your dream love.

Week 6: Create Space to Attract Your Dream Love

Have some fun with manifesting love rituals and activities. Clear out the old to bring in the new. Begin to call in your soulmate and feel his presence BEFORE he arrives.

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Receive a F.L.Y. Girl Academy PDF workbook

♡ Be added into our Private Group, F.L.Y. Girl VIP Tribe

♡ Have access to me through my live videos each week on the content released for each module

 Receive live group coaching calls on Zoom each week to discuss your personal questions and reflections from the modules funwork

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♥ One FREE virtual energy healing session with the amazing Marci Baron featured on mindbodygreen and U.S. NEWS


♥ Mini Group Coaching Sessions throughout the 6 weeks



                        555.00 ONE TIME FEE

                        555.00 ONE TIME FEE

                $185.00 per month for 3 months                                     (3 PAYMENTS)

                $185.00 per month for 3 months

                                (3 PAYMENTS)

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Designer Heart package includes all of the above PLUS three 1:1 coaching calls with me at any time for $1155.00


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                          $1155.00 ONE TIME FEE

                          $1155.00 ONE TIME FEE

                       $385.00 per month for 3 months                                          (3 PAYMENTS)

                       $385.00 per month for 3 months

                                     (3 PAYMENTS)

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