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Yes. Today I have my dream love and life BUT there was a time in my life where I felt lost. 


I was scared and confused. 


My faith was shaky. 


All that I had lived for that became my identity was now gone. 



I was a mom and wife since I was 19 years old. I had 3 beautiful kids and was married for 16 years prior to me getting divorced. 


The day I got divorced, I promised myself I’d begin to heal and work on me.


I knew I had work to do otherwise I’d just attract a similar relationship that would leave me feeling the same way my marriage did.


Along my healing journey, all of a sudden, I found myself in the dating world.


Men that should be kissing the ground I walked 

on but instead I was the one waiting around for them: 


Waiting for their texts


Waiting for them to follow through with plans


Waiting for them to put me first


Waiting for them to celebrate my birthday the way I knew I deserved 


Waiting for them to show up for me the way I craved 


The most concerning part of all of this was...


Why the hell was I CHOOSING to settle for way less than I knew I deserved?! 


This is when I started to work with my own spiritual life coach and teacher. 


I started to see I had inner thoughts and beliefs that was dictating what I was attracting that were actually formed all before I was even 7 years old 


I started to see my wounds from childhood were being mirrored to me in the men I was attracting 


I started to see I never really got to know me and who Nikki was at the age of 35 


But I also started to see I was way stronger than I gave mySelf credit for 


I started to see I was the only thing in the way of the love and life I wanted 


This is when I showed up for myself and my healing in a big way 


Which all led me into the arms of the man I adore today and treats the way I always knew I deserved back then 


It wasn’t until I showed up for own healing and committed to it that he came in unexpectedly 


This is why I created...


This course is for you is you want to heal and attract the love and life you deserve and desire 


This course is for you if you wish...


To begin to understand why you attracted what you attracted. 


To begin healing what is going on unconsciously behind the scenes for you. 


To begin releasing blame and resentment. 


To begin having faith in a higher power again. 


To begin freeing yourSelf and return to love from fear


To create space for healthy love to come in. 


To forgive your past self for being less than you wanted 


To forgive all parts of yourSelf for the blame and shame you’re holding yourself accountable for 


To let go of dead love you’re holding onto 


To integrate all parts of yourSelf, past, present, and future thanking them for all they did and are doing for you 


To begin creating a New Powerful and Confident You! 


To learn how to be alone without being lonely 


To begin truly loving yourself first and foremost and learning what that truly means 


Note: This course is not for you if you want to stay stuck in old patterns and excuses keeping you from the love and life you truly deserve and desire 


Price: Only $297 or 2 monthly payments of $160 compared to thousands of dollars you’d spend on 1:1 Coaching 



$444 includes Heal in 21 course and 1 personal 1:1 Coaching Session to use anytime throughout the course. This session is especially good  for questions and extra support to breakthrough problem areas or to get you started with the course. 


Paid in full $444 or 2 monthly payments of $230



$697 includes Heal in 21 Course along with 3 personal 1:1 personal coaching sessions. You can use these sessions anytime in the beginning, middle, and end of the course. These sessions give you that added powerful support for all your breakthroughs and healing as things come up for you throughout the course 


Paid in full $697 or 2 monthly payments of $360


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