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Sarah Howell-Beyer

I came across a group called "Manifest Love, Through Self Love", at a time in my life that I needed to completely learn how to LOVE ME!

Nicole Amaturo is the woman that runs this group, I felt an instant connection with her and this group. I felt like I found a place where there were many other woman  that shared a lot of the same wants and needs as me.

I had wanted to take one of Nicole’s wonderful courses for quite some time. All of them focus on truly learning how to heal your inner child in order to truly start healing. They also focus then on many tools to learn to manifest the life that you truly want!! This is the course " Its All Mine", that really struck a chord with me, and led me to take the leap and sign up.

I was so excited to let Nicole know that I was ready to take one of her courses. She was amazing and even helped me to make it work for me to afford to take her course.

This course was like nothing I had every taken part in!! I learned SO Much!! I realized early on in the course that I had been stuck in a Victim Role for far too long, from many different unfortunate experiences throughout my life from childhood, on up to my adult life! All of these things I needed to take a look at to understand the me that went through these things, and LET IT GO!! To stop replaying that same old story!! By  doing this I can then learn to grow in THE NOW!!

Nicole has been a light to the darkness I was in. She is helping me to learn so many ways to heal, in order to live the life I truly want, and know that is in the works for me. How to get in the right mindset to know that I can truly create mine and my children’s life to be all that I want in this world!!

She has taught me that the universe literally gives us a carbon copy of what we are thinking. That by changing that same old thought pattern that was no longer serving me, I can give my energy to bettering me and my life. The course is now over, but my personal growth is certainly not!!

Thank you again Nicole, and I am beyond excited to take many more of your courses to come!!😍



Sarah Holmes

So I have just finished my first course working with Nicole Amaturo, and it was 100% one of the biggest , bravest and best decisions I have ever made. I had been wanting to do a course since last year and had always talked myself out of it, I now know that that wasn’t the time for me. But this time it was, the money arrived and mentally I was ready to make the changes  and fully listen and learn to everything Nicole had to say. There are many areas where I don’t actually recognise myself anymore because of the complete shift I have made especially in my relationship with food and looking at how my actions and past have led to my decisions and the situations they created.

Having never done anything like this before I didn’t know what to expect, but the sessions where so interactive and led me to do the inner work.  The support I have received not only from Nicole but also from the beautiful ladies in the group has been amazing. A space created where I could be vulnerable, be seen and completely be myself.

I know I still have work to do and will be signing up to do S&M but this first course has truly enabled me to turn my life around and step into the women that I have been wanting to be. So much love for you Nicole and all my “It’s All Mine” ladies.



Jackie Rogers

Nicole Amaturo... where do i start? The things u have taught me and shown me cannot have a price tag put on them. They’re priceless. I will never be the same. And thank God for that. I am beginning to rip my feet out of what felt like cement blocks for so long. I’m sure it won’t be easy and at times a little scary but as they say nothing is as scary as being stuck in a place u no longer belong. As I write this I am overwhelmed with so much emotion I’m sure u can sense it. Thank u doesn’t suffice. It really doesn’t. All of ur courses especially IAM have led me to last nites epiphany and this moment as i sit and write to u. I know i am being guided by the universe and my higher self. I also know with u by my side and all the ladies in this group to help me love me guide me support me and understand me I’m gonna be just fine... better than fine.. absolutely positively amazing... i love u



Rachel Anne

I wanted to take the time to thank Nicole Amaturo for being a true inspiration to me!  I want to thank the universe for guiding me to a podcast she was featured on. This lead me to hunting her down on facebook.  This lead me to take her course, It's All Mine! This course has taught me so much about my self and self worth! It lead me to other amazing and inspirational people and a life changing retreat! Thank you Nicole for your guidance,  inspiration, Love, new perspectives, new ways of thinking and viewing things and so much more! Your voice, lessons, honesty and real life examples and approach have been truly life changing!! I'm so thankful for you and all of your knowledge and more!!!