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Are you ready for a breakthrough?

Book a one hour magical breakthrough session to dive deep into What is coming up for you right now. Gain support, clarity and guidance around all of it. We will breakthrough to what is actually going on at the core to begin reversing what is weighing you down in your present. Expect to walkaway like a new woman with relief, direction, and power in this full one-hour coaching session.Once you book your session, I will email you to set up your appointment.

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Healed & Free After Divorce

In this potent & transformational course, you will finally become at peace with your past. You will release pain and forgive while letting go of doubt, worry and fear. You will begin to see your new path and future clearly after this painful divorce/break-up as you begin to understand what “why” all of this happened FOR you. Are you ready to commit to yourself and heal?

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Fly Girl Experience

The First Love Yourself Experience is my trademark program. In these next few weeks, you will totally and completely understand what it truly means to love yourself. Before you can trust unconditional love from anyone else, you have to first give it to yourself. You will connect the with the little lady inside running the show and take back your power to heal, be alone without being lonely, meet your soul, and create the love you desire and deserve. Are you ready to FLY?

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It’s All Mine

Jump into this extraordinary course if you are ready to jump timelines, collapse time, and step into your dream life. You will become and embody the woman who already has it in this wild 3 week journey. You are going to claim your power and manifest everything your heart desires. Become a magnet for love, abundance and pleasure. Just in your desire for all that you dream of means it was indeed meant for you! Are you ready to have it all?

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Seduction & Manifestation

Become the woman who is magnetic. Connect back with the temptress inside of you that knows her worth and doesn’t settle for less. She knows she can have any man that she wants and all she has to do is “be”. No more chasing men or waiting around for texts. Embrace your sexuality releasing any guilt or shame. Get ready to embrace your feminine energy and learn how to receive just by being. Learn how to date and manifest love like you’ve never manifested before. The world of Orgasmic Manifestation awaits you. Are you ready to become a magnet for love?

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Heal In 21

in this evergreen digital self-paced course, you will receive 21 Days of activities to heal after a heartbreak or divorce along with 25 training videos to accompany each day, 5 meditations, a 2 hour masterclass and my “Power of 7” Vision Board & Visualization e-book. I took everything I did to heal after my heartbreak to become my best self and attract my perfect partner into my life and created this course just for you. You will gain immediate access as soon as you purchase.

LOVe in 21

This self-paced digital course is yours forever! This is for the woman who is ready to manifest love into her life. This course includes 21 days of activities to do each day to become a magnet for your perfect partner. You will have a ton of FUN with this course as you begin to feel like he is already here!

Included in this course is the 21 day printable journal & e-book , 5 detailed training videos that’ll change your life along with a powerful “I Am Open to Receive Love” daily meditation.

*If you haven’t done any healing work, I highly recommend doing “Heal in 21” first and then “Love in 21” for max results.

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love coach

For the high level woman ready to make quantum leaps in order to heal and create her dream love and life in accelerated time, this is where it’s at.

You don’t have to do this alone anymore when I know I can help you move forward.

This is for the woman who wants to work intimately and closely with me. This is white glove service with attention to only you with weekly hour sessions together and messenger access to me in between calls as things come up. We become a team as I hold space for your sacred intentions and watch them come to life rapidly and celebrate the magic together.

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